Co-operative education provides you with the opportunity to take what you are learning in the classroom and practice those skills in a real-life work situation for eight months with one specific employer. All majors within the business school can participate.

Students in a position to declare a major can apply to the program in January 2017. Approximately 120 students will be admitted from all six disciplines.

Although there is zero credit for the two work terms (COMM 380.0 and COMM 480.0), you will be:

  • Assessed course fees associated with each work term;
  • Visited by Edwards Career Services during a site visit to assess how your experience is going;
  • Graded on your work term assignments, participation, and evaluations by the employer. The experience will be recognized on your transcript
  • During your work terms, you will be employed full-time by the employer and will be challenged and engaged in productive employment. You will receive remuneration and constructive feedback not only from your employer but from the program as well. Each work term will be approved and monitored by Edwards Career Services, and the employer will provide performance evaluations to enhance your learning experience.

Why Coop?

How about eight months of relevant experience on your resume, potential connections for full-time employment after graduation, confidence walking into a job interview with numerous examples to draw from? Co-op programs across the country have proven that co-op experiences lead to job prospects. Our co-op graduates consistently have a higher employment rate following graduation than those that do not have a co-op experience. Why not put yourself ahead of your peers walking into your final year!

While you are on your work term you can obtain valuable in-depth experience in specialized fields, developing your interpersonal skills, the ability to write reports, business skills, and even the possibility of preparing and presenting seminars and supervising others.

Co-op students:

  • Receive a salary, statutory holidays, and vacation pay;
  • Develop a higher understanding of career possibilities;
  • Increase their marketability for employment opportunities after graduation with both the co-op employer and other potential employers;
  • Stand out from the graduating class with eight months of relevant business experience and the ability to reference strong business-related work in job interviews


To compete for admission, you must be:

  • A current undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce student who is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada, or a student attending here on a study permit;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential to admission (interview will be required)
  • A student in good academic standing (minimum 60% cumulative average in all classes used for degree purposes and minimum 60% current year average);
  • You must be in a position to declare a major during 2017 January/February Program Planning and have completed the introductory level (200) courses in your major before May 2017.

Upon acceptance, but before the commencement of your first work term, you must:

  • Complete a minimum of 9 credit units towards your approved major and have completed 90 credit units or less (transfer students must have less than 100 credit units completed, no exceptions) towards your degree by December 2017;
  • Agree to return to school to complete your degree upon completion of your work terms;
  • Maintain good academic standing before the start of your first work placement;
  • Attend all mandatory workshops

Work Placements

All co-op students accepted into the co-op program are expected to be active participants in the mandatory workshops and their personal job search. Students must maintain good academic standing and should communicate with the program on a regular basis.

Edwards Career Services works year round talking to the business community promoting the benefits of hiring a co-op student for a work term. There are no guarantees of a work placement, but students can be confident that Edwards Career Services will work with every student willing to work with the program to find a possible fit for a work placement.

Students accepted into the co-op program will:

  • Meet with Edwards Career Services to determine goals and objectives and a strategy to find a co-op work placement
  • Attend all mandatory workshops on resume/cover letter and interview preparation
  • Communicate with Edwards Career Services throughout the process on a regular basis
  • Apply to available work placements. Starting in September, opportunities will be posted on a secure area on CareerLink, an area only Edwards work experience students can access. 
  • Interview with interested employers. Employeres wanting to make a formal offer will submit their offer through Edwards Career Services. 

Please be aware that there is no guarantee of a work placement. It is the student's responsibility to obtain suitable employment by utilizing all resources and support provided by the Edwards Career Services office. Students unsuccessful in finding a work placement continue with their studies in Edwards.

Program Fees

Although there are fees associated with the co-op program, students do receive remuneration while on their work terms.

For students completing the program, a summary of academic fees associated with the program include:

  • A $100 non-refundable admission fee charged to each student accepted into the co-op program. This admission fee confirms the student's position in the program and covers the administration, professional development workshops, and job search assistance leading to a placement.
  • Assessed tuition fees per four-month work course (international student fees apply to co-op tuition)
  • USSU fees

How to Apply

You are required to apply for admission to the Edwards Co-operative Education Program. Entrance will be competitive. Applicants must complete the online application form through the School of Business tab on Careerlink (available late Nov 2016) and include:

  • A one page letter of interest indicating why Edwards Careers Services should consider you as a candidate, what you hope to gain from participating, and your willingness/limitations to re-locate outside of Saskatoon.
  • Your current resume. Be sure to include education, awards & scholarships, work experience, and extracurricular activities including volunteer experience, leadership roles, memberships, sports, hobbies, etc.)

Note: resume format will not affect acceptance.

The application deadline for the 2017/18 intake will be January 11, 2017, 4:30pm.

The application process will open the week of Nov. 21, 2016 on Careerlink.

Important Dates (2017)

  • Jan 5-10: Information sessions
  • Jan 11 (4:30pm): Application deadline
  • Jan 16-20: Admission interviews
  • Jan 24: Students notified of acceptance into the Co-op Program
  • Feb 3: Introduction workshop for accepted candidates


Students considering applying to the Edwards Co-operative Education Program should attend an information session to their questions answered and learn about all aspects of the program. Information session dates are advertised on Careerlink and in the weekly careers email.

Questions, e-mail or call 306.966.1454 for more information.