The Edwards Master of Business Administration program is a transformational experience that focuses around teambuilding, leadership and business strategy. You will learn the people skills of management such as how to manage, how to communicate effectively, and how to lead. Our students develop management skills that are both integrative and strategic, gaining a deeper understanding of organizations and their local and global context. Graduates then enter their professional endeavors with confidence, integrity and accountability. Faculty and colleagues within the Edwards MBA program will become valuable business contacts and life-long friends.

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Awards and Bursaries

  • Award Application Package and Submission

    The Edwards MBA Program administers a number of awards and bursaries for current students. Awards have specific criteria based on academic achievement, financial need, and student background. Please review the information for each specific award regarding application deadline and eligibility requirements. For further information on these, and other awards available to graduate students, visit Award Search and select Business Administration for the Department field.

    Your completed Award Application Package Includes:

    • 2016-2017 Student Award Application Form - Download the Form
    • Financial Need Calculator (if applicable) -  submitted through PAWS
    • Supporting Documents for each award you are applying to as required

    Application Submission

    Submit your completed Award Application Package to the Edwards Graduate Programs Office:

    Email: mba@edwards.usask.ca or in person to Room 241, 25 Campus Drive.

    **Only completed Award Application Packages received by 4pm on February 28th, 2017 will be considered.**

    Financial Need Calculator

    To be eligible for bursaries, you are required to complete the 2016-2017 Winter Term Edwards Graduate Student Financial Need Calculator.You are required to complete the Financial Need Calculator only once, even if you are applying for multiple awards.

    Step-by-step directions to access the Financial Need Calculator:

    1) Log in to the Scholarships and Bursaries channel in PAWS (paws.usask.ca/go/awards)
    2) Click on the "Apply for awards"* green button
    3) Enter Aid Year: 2016-2017 and Aid Period: Fall and Winter Terms; select “Continue”
    4) Select the “Financial Need Calculator – 2016-2017 Academic Year Winter Term Edwards Graduate Student” from the Application drop-down menu; click “Continue”

     *The second time you access the Financial Need Calculator, it will be under the “View or modify my award applications” rather than the green “Apply for awards” button.

    If you have already completed the Financial Need Calculator in PAWS for the 2016-2017 academic year, you do not need to complete it again unless your financial situation has changed.  Please note that the pre-study term was summer 2016 and the study term is September 2016-April 2017.  Ensure that you submit receipts, estimates, etc. for any Extraordinary Expenses you claim to awards.documents@usask.ca by the February 28th deadline.

  • Great-West Life Business Education Bursary

    1) Great-West Life will provide one bursary of $1,000 for the 2016/2017 academic year.

    (2) This bursary is open to students entering or continuing in a graduate program in the Edwards School of Business.  Preference will be given to students of aboriginal ancestry.  The bursary will be awarded on the basis of academic achievement and financial need. 

    (3)  Personal Essay - Students must submit a one page personal essay discussing their interests in advancing economic development in the Aboriginal communities across Canada.

    (4) Applications are invited from those students who are registered full time in a graduate program in the Edwards School of Business.  The deadline date for applications is February 28th, 2017

  • The Circle of Founders Aboriginal Graduate Program Bursary Fund

    Eligible Students: Students of aboriginal descent enrolled in the Edwards MBA program. Students must demonstrate that they will successfully complete term one of full-time MBA studies and will continue on with studies in the second term. 
    Application: Students must complete this application form and return the completed application to the Edwards MBA Office by February 28th, 2017

    Bursary Amount and Number of Bursary Awards: The Selection Committee shall determine the amount and number of bursaries to be awarded each year.  For the 2016/2017 year, there will be one award made for the amount of $2,500.

    Selection Committee: The Selection Committee will award bursaries to full-time graduate students who, in the opinion of the committee demonstrate: financial need, leadership, commitment to educational excellence, academic performance

    Personal Essay: Students must submit a one-page personal essay discussing their reasons for pursuing an MBA and how this will be of benefit in the future.

  • Jack and Clara Milavsky Graduate Assistance Fund

    (1) Mr. Harold Milavsky and Wascana Energy have provided funds to support two assistantships for students enrolled in the MBA program.

    (2) For MBA students, there will be two $1,500 awards given on the basis of academic achievement and financial need.  Students awarded an assistantship will be required to provide 20 hours of unremunerated service, which may be clerical in nature, to the Edwards School of Business as assigned by the Director of Professional Programs. 
    (3) Students must complete the application form and returned to Edwards MBA office by February 28th, 2017.

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance in all MBA courses is mandatory, unless absence is unavoidably caused by illness or compassionate reasons. If this is the case, the student is expected to contact both the instructor and the MBA office in advance where possible; documentation may be required.

If a student misses more than 15% of a course, the student may not be allowed to write/submit the final examination for that course.

Participation in and exposure to class discussion is critical for mastery of the subject matter, to achieve the learning outcomes and maximize the learning environment.  As well, the Edwards MBA Program emphasizes the development of high standards of professional conduct. 


Punctual attendance is expected at all lectures, seminars, professional development sessions and scheduled activities of the MBA program.  It is recognized that a student may be unavoidably delayed on occasion; however, arriving late can be very disruptive to colleagues and faculty members.  It is at the faculty member's discretion how poor punctuality will be handled.

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