Co-op Education Program

The Edwards Co-op Program allows students to integrate classroom instruction with real life paid work situations in the middle of their third year of study. This will extend the completion of the degree to four and a half years. Students will be required to complete COMM 380.0 and COMM 480.0 in January and May, respectively, of their third year of study with one or two separate employers.

How to complete the program
Students will apply to the Business Co-operative Education Option through Edwards Career Services in February of their second year. Once admitted, the student must complete a minimum of 9 credit units (6 credit units may be considered) towards their designated major prior to starting their first co-op work term the following January.

Co-op students will be monitored on their work terms and will complete Work Term Reports graded as Pass/Fail on their transcripts. 


  • Admission to the Business Co-operative Education Program is competitive
  • Admission to the program does not guarantee a work placement
  • Students must complete mandatory co-op workshops prior to securing a placement
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Honours Program

The Edwards School of Business offers the Honours Program to provide students of proven academic ability with an opportunity to pursue a more advanced program of studies. Students are encouraged to apply for the honours program pertaining to their chosen major.

A student in an Honours program must fulfill all the requirements of the regular 120 credit unit program, including the requirements for the major in the honours field. All students must substitute the 6 credit unit Honours Seminar for 6 credit units of senior electives. The Honours program consists of an independent research project completed in consultation with a faculty member.

Admission Requirements

  • Students apply during program planning in third year of the B.Comm. program - deadline for applications is April 30th
  • Cumulative weighted average of 70% and weighted average of 70% in courses in the honours field (including core) at time of admission
  • Permission of the Department Head in consultation with members of the department

Formal admission is not granted until the end of the students' third year, i.e., following the successful completion of 90 credit units taken in accordance with the curriculum of the Bachelor of Commerce program. This may be reduced to a minimum of 72 credit units for students entering their final Regular Session who intend to complete no more than 18 credit units in the following Spring and/or Summer Session.

The recommendation for the granting of a degree with Honours or High Honours will come from the department of the honours field. To be granted Honours, a student must maintain a cumulative weighted average of 70% and a weighted average of 70% in courses in the honours field (including the Honours Seminar). To be granted High Honours, a student must maintain a cumulative weighted average of 80% and a weighted average of 80% in courses in the honours field (including the Honours Seminar).

Honours or High Honours may be denied if the student's performance in the honours year is deemed to be below acceptable standards. Students who fail to maintain the standard of performance expected of an honours student but who otherwise complete the regular program requirements of the School will be awarded the regular B.Comm. degree.

Study Abroad Program

Edwards students have an opportunity to pursue studies around the world. Taking university classes in another country will broaden your horizons, enrich your university experience and open your employment opportunities globally.

Edwards School of Business have study agreements with a number of universities (in Austria, Australia, France, Sweden, Thailand and many other locations) where you can study a pre-approved set of classes and credit will transfer back to the B.Comm. degree program.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, meet with a program advisor or check out the website:

U of S Study Abroad

Second Degree Programs

  • Business and Law

    Please visit the College of Law website for further information regarding admission and to view Frequently Asked Questions. The sense of community with other students in a small college (126 students accepted each year) and studying with students having a diverse background make the College of Law at the U of S a very attractive option.

    The combined B.Comm./JD (Juris Doctor) program allows a student to obtain both the Bachelor of Commerce and Law degrees in six years rather than the seven years needed to complete the degrees separately. Students interested in this program should consult an advisor regarding the necessary substitution of classes in years two and three in order to complete all necessary requirements.

    A student would initially apply to the Edwards School of Business and spend three years completing the core and major classes. Once a student has gained admission into the College of Law, they complete the regular three year program. A student would obtain their B.Comm. degree after successful completion of two years in Law.

    NOTE: Following the program set out for three years in the Edwards School of Business does not guarantee entrance into Law as they have high admission standards. If a student is not admitted to Law they would spend their fourth year in the Edwards School of Business and graduate with a B.Comm. degree.

    Students intending to complete this program would not take the business law classes COMM 304.3 (formerly COMM 208.3) and COMM 404.3.

    Applications for the College of Law are accepted beginning October 15 with a deadline of February 1.

    A competitive average for students applying would be approximately 78% or higher. A competitive LSAT score is approximately 159. There are four opportunities to write the LSAT each year - October, December, February, June.

  • Business and Arts & Science

    A student who wishes to pursue a B.Comm./B.A. or B.Sc. degree must complete the equivalent of a minimum of 150 credit units if they are obtaining a B.A. or B.Sc. three-year degree or a minimum of 180 credit units for a B.A. or B.Sc. four-year degree. Further, in order to meet the requirements of the B.Comm. degree, the student must complete at least 60 credit units selected in such a manner as to satisfy requirements in both colleges. COMM courses may not be offered in fulfillment of any of the requirements for the Arts & Science degree. However, appropriately selected Arts & Science courses can be taken to satisfy the B.Comm. requirements. Students wishing to complete both Arts and Science and Business degrees can originally apply to either the College of Arts & Science or the Edwards School of Business.

    Please visit the College of Arts & Science website for more information about the College.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is learning by doing and is often referred to as “hands-on” learning. There is a variety of experiential learning classes and initiatives offered at Edwards School of Business. These initiatives enable students to reach their full potential and gain necessary experience to prepare them for the real world. Some of the courses featuring experiential learning opportunities are listed below:

Experiential Learning Opportunity Course & Project
Identify International Business Opportunities COMM 340 - International Business Team Project
Develop a Brand COMM 458 - Branding
Marketing Communication COMM 451 - Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign
Marketing Research COMM 357 - Marketing Research
Marketing Research COMM 456 - International Marketing Team Project
Management Consulting COMM 448 - Management Consulting Project
Non-profit Governance-Board Internship COMM 498 - Governance & Leadership Development Practicum
Operations Management COMM 494 - Field Investigation in Operations Management
Social Cause Marketing COMM 450 - Social Cause Marketing Plan