The MBA Internship Program

The Edwards MBA Internship Program (EMIP) is an 8-month work experience which starts in January of the 1st year of your MBA degree. If you're admitted to EMIP, and you're successful in securing a placement, you must agree to complete your MBA over a minimum of two years.

  • Is the program right for you?
    The program is designed for students with little or no work experience in their desired field. An internship is a value-added component of the Edwards MBA Program where you're provided with an opportunity to implement the business theory and concepts from your MBA coursework. Work placements also provide increased opportunities for learning, mentorship and post-graduation employment.

The Fine Print

If you're admitted to EMIP, active participation is an important factor in your success in securing a placement. 

  • What's involved in the Fall seeking term

    From September to December, you would be expected to:

    • Meet with Edwards Career Services staff to determine internship objectives and a strategy to secure a work placement;
    • Attend mandatory career development workshops;
    • Regularly communicate with Edwards Career Services;
    • Apply to available positions posted specifically for Edwards students and/or proactively seek out opportunities; and
    • Network and interview with prospective employers

We work hard to place all students admitted to the program. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of a work placement. The onus is on you as a student to utilize all the resources and support from Edwards Career Services in order to find a placement. If you are unsuccessful in your job search, you would simply return to full-time MBA classes in January - refer to the Internship Process chart below.

Internship Timelines

The flow chart above gives an outline of the EMIP timeline commitments. As an MBA student, you can complete up to a 12-month (three 4-month terms) internship with one employer or a combination of work terms with 2+ employers. The majority of our MBA interns complete the full year with one company.

Edwards MBA Internship Process


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