Co-op Student FAQ

  • What kind of jobs do students do?
    The jobs students work vary by year, and major, but students perform valuable, meaningful work for their placement companies that is beyond that of what a first year employee would normally perform.
  • Will this extend my degree?
    The Co-op program does delay a student's graduation date by a term, but provides valuable work experience that is worth the delay. Employment rate for students with the Co-op option upon graduation is 98.2% compared to the non-Co-op students rate of 93.5%. 
  • What does good academic standing mean?
    Good academic standing means students must maintain a minimum 60% yearly and cumulative average in all classes used for degree purposes with no faculty actions. More info can be found here.
  • Are students paid? How much?
    All Co-op placements must be full time, paid, relevant work. Wages are set competitively by the employer.
  • How many students are part of the program a year?
    Approximately 180-215 students are admitted to the Co-op program every year.
  • Am I guaranteed a job through the program?

    Being accepted into the Co-op program does not guarantee you a job placement. Co-op placement rates depend on labour market trends, economic stability, and demand for student workers. Co-op Coordinators work with employers to develop work terms and positions for as many students as possible. For students to maximize their chances of finding a placement they must do the following:

    • Apply to any and all jobs they are qualified for
    • Attend all workshops and all networking events with prospective employers
    • Complete all assignments and material prep
    • Utilize the resources available to them through the Career Services office such as resume and cover letter review sessions
  • What happens if I do not find a placement?
    Students that do not find placement by the end of December are able to resume normal classes in January.
  • Do I have to do Co-op?
    The Co-op program is not mandatory but does provide valuable work experience.
  • Why should I do Co-op?
    The Co-op program provides excellent professional development experience as well as 8 months paid work experience to better set a student apart from their peers.
  • Do you take any classes while on placement?
    Students are registered in Comm 380.0 and 480.0 which are not credit classes, but do carry a 15 credit weight to maintain full-time student status. Students may also apply for permission to take spring/summer classes provided they meet academic standards required.
  • Why do I have to apply for the program a year before my placement?
    We set our students up for success which includes 8-10 professional development workshops, as well as networking events that take place over the academic year. Students apply for jobs in September and October for a January placement.
  • How much does the Co-op program cost?
    The Co-op program tuition can be found here payable during terms that you are on work placement. Students are also responsible for off-campus student fees.
  • How do I apply?
    Registration is on CareerLink. More information is available here.
  • Do I get credit for the Co-op program?
    The Co-op program does not give academic credit, but you do get parchment and transcript recognition.
  • Can international students join the program?
    International students can join the program but must apply for a special work permit and receive it before beginning their work placement. A letter from Edwards Career Services is provided in support.
  • Does it matter what major I am in?
    No. All majors are accepted into the program. Job availability does vary by major, however there are opportunities regardless of majors.
  • I am an Indigenous student receiving band funding, am I still eligible when on placement?
    Yes. As a Co-op student you are still considered a full-time student and are eligible for funding. Documentation and confirmation of enrolment is available.
  • Am I eligible for scholarships while on work placement?
    Yes. As a Co-op student you are still considered a full time student and are eligible for funding. Documentation and confirmation of enrolment is available.
  • I'm a management major, do I have to take 3 'Management' classes to be eligible for Co-op?
    Management students are not restricted to management-only courses; they can take from a selection of all of the disciplines (Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, etc.) Please refer to the management major requirements chart in the online program planning guide for details on what courses can count towards management major requirements.
  • Am I eligible for the Co-op program?
    Students first become eligible to apply for the Co-op program in the January of their second year. Transfer student are eligible for the Co-op provided they are under 99 Credit-units the December of their Co-op admissions year. Direct entry students are eligible up to 90 credit units. Students must also complete 3 eligible major courses prior to beginning their work placement, while remaining in good academic standing.
  • Can I be involved in the Co-op program if I am involved in extra-curricular activities? (Huskies Athletes, EBSS, JDC West, etc.)
    Yes. We have many Huskies athletes involved in the Co-op program as well as student society members. These activities can enhance your Co-op experience with the extra experience and opportunities they provide.
  • What type of time commitment is needed from students?

    The Edwards Co-operative Education Program requires the following time commitments:

    • Mandatory attendance and participation at development workshops during the academic term.
    • Preparation of the materials needed to successfully complete a job search including creating a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and preparing for and attending interviews.
    • Attendance at networking events is essential to giving yourself the best chance to be hired.
    • Work term papers and projects must be completed when on work terms.
    • requently checking and responding to emails and other communications from Edwards Career Services and Co-op Supervisors.

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