Grandey Initiative

In June 2011, the Edwards School received a $1,000,000 gift from then Cameco Chief Executive Officer Jerry Grandey. The gift – a combined donation from Jerry and Tina Grandey and a legacy gift from Cameco Corporation – is directed toward a variety of objectives at the Edwards School of Business including:

  • Promote the awareness and importance of leadership in the community,
  • Improve students’ understanding of leadership,
  • Develop students’ leadership skills, and
  • Enhance the research and scholarship of leadership.

Student Leadership Incubator

The third annual Grandey Student Leadership Incubator was held in November 2016 at our downtown campus. The Leadership Incubator is a hands-on workshop designed to provide students with tools and skills to allow them to become better leaders. The workshop will focus on:

  • Developing self-awareness and interpersonal skills
  • Providing tools to deal with conflict and change
  • Finding alternative dispute resolution processes and developing collaborative relationships
  • Learn skills for better understanding the needs and motives underlying tough conversations
  • Learning how to speak and be heard in order to achieve desired results

Facilitators included:

Bruno Konecsni – is a Human Resources Consultant with Konecsni Ltd. He is the former senior Human Resources Director at the University of Saskatchewan. 
Ruth Kinzel – is Co-owner/Consultant at Kinzel Cadrin & Associates Consulting Inc. She is a change agent and educator in private practice, working with diverse systems in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.
Rita Priestley – is a Consultant focusing on Organization Renewal and Strategic HR Management. She is a qualified user of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI). Rita is a creative problem solving workshop leader for private and public sector business across North America.
Trevor Maber – As a faculty member at the Edwards School of Business and adjunct faculty at Royal Roads University, Trevor has taught across a range of areas including leadership, human resources, training & development, and presentation skills. He is also the former Director of People Strategies with SIAST.

Stay tuned for the 2017 event!


We award two undergraduate and two MBA scholarships to Edwards students on an annual basis. The criteria for the Grandey Leadership Scholarship awards include the students’ leadership activities in Edwards and the community.

Type Description

Two scholarships are awarded, first place with a value of $3,500 and second place with a value of $1,500.

The scholarships are open to continuing students in the Edwards School of Business. To be eligible, candidates must submit:

  • a statement of approximately 500 words (no more than two pages) of leadership achievement(s) that occurred during their tenure at the Edwards School of Buisness (high school activities are not applicable)
  • three letters of support from professors, employers or others in the community that attest to the applicant's leadership achievement(s)

Edwards School of Business on-line application is available in the month of September. You will need your NSID user name and password to access the on-line application. Deadline is September 30.

MBA Entrance Award

This award is open to students entering the Edwards MBA Program at the University of Saskatchewan. To be eligible, candidates must:

  • Demonstrate financial need;
  • Submit a statement between 500 and 600 words demonstrating leadership in their community;
  • Must not have received any other awards in excess of $5,000 offered through the MBA program.

Selection will be made on the basis of overall merits of the MBA admission package and on the merits of the leadership statement, as determined by the Award Committee.

All accepted students who submit an application by the deadline date and whom have confirmed their attendance with a tuition deposit will be considered.

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