Program Planning

Planning Your Program Requirements

This information does not pertain to first year students.

January 2023 Pick-a-Major Info

Are you in 2nd year and ready to declare your major?  OR are you an upper year student who wants to change your major?

The next major declaration window will take place January 10-12, 2023

An email will be sent via PAWS to all eligible students on January 9, 2023 with a link to select your top two major choices.

If you are an upper year student wanting to change your major, you MUST reach out to an advisor by January 6, 2023 to get on the email list.

**New Major Selection Requirement for 2023**

You must have completed (with a grade of 60% or higher) the 200-level introductory COMM course(s) for your major by December 2022 (prior to the major declaration window). The required major introductory courses are listed below:

Accounting: COMM 201

Finance: COMM 203

Marketing COMM 204

Human Resources: COMM 211

Supply Chain Management: COMM 205

Management: 2 of (COMM 201, COMM 203, COMM 204, COMM 205, COMM 211)

Example: If your top two major choices are Accounting and Finance- COMM 201 and COMM 203 must be completed with a grade of 60% or higher before the major declaration window.

January 2023 Program Planning/Updated Program Planning Guide TBD

All B.Comm. second, third and fourth year students who are planning to take classes in the NEXT academic year must complete a program plan in January of each year.

The program planning guides are available in electronic format only. The guide has been customized by major - click the button below and click on your major within the PDF.

2022-23 Program Planning Guide

The online Program Planner app will be available from Jan 21 - 28, 2022 only.

Program Planner

Note: The Edwards School of Business does not use Degree Works. Please use this link to your Edwards Folder Report.

Major Feature Hour Recordings

Accounting, Finance and Human Resources

Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Management