Aboriginal Business Administration

The ABAC program allows Aboriginal students to study business at the Edwards School of Business without committing to a four-year degree program. The two-year certificate of proficiency incorporates significant student success activities designed to assist students with the transition to studying business in an urban university setting. 


  • Students have the opportunity to upgrade high school math after admission to the program
  • Credits transfer to B.Comm. program upon successful completion
  • Students in good standing who have met ABAC program standards will be automatically admitted to the Bachelor of Commerce degree program 
  • ABAC can also be used as a bridging program for those Aboriginal students who already possess an undergraduate degree, but are not fully academically qualified for graduate admission but who wish to pursue an MBA at the Edwards School of Business.

Rawlinson Centre

The Rawlinson Centre provides dedicated space for Aboriginal students at the Edwards School of Business for studying, group meetings and accessing resources. The Centre is fully equipped with a computer area, resource materials, printer, telephone, fridge and lounge area. Some of the services available through the Rawlinson Centre include:

  • Awards & Scholarships

    There are thousands of dollars in scholarships, awards and bursaries available to Aboriginal students in Edwards.

    All Aboriginal undergraduate business students can receive a minimum of $4,000 throughout their degree. The Rawlco B.Comm. Awards (valued at $1,000) are provided to all Aboriginal B.Comm. students for up to three years as they complete their degree and at graduation.

    The Rawlco ABAC Awards (valued at $2,000) are provided to all graduates of the Edwards Aboriginal Business Administration Certificate (ABAC) program.

    Additional financial awards specifically for Aboriginal students in the Edwards School of Business are available at: http://explore.usask.ca/aboriginal.php

  • Professional Development Fund
    Aboriginal B.Comm. students at Edwards have opportunities throughout their academic career to be funded for a variety of activities that support their academic success and develop their professional network. Attending conferences, speaker nights, luncheons, and other engagements such as becoming a student member of a professional organization and/or board are all activities that are supported by the Rawlinson Professional Development Fund. 
  • Tutoring Assistance

    Assistance is available for Aboriginal B.Comm. students to receive extra help in classes or to prepare for an exam or assignment. A general list of tutors by course can be found in the Rawlinson Centre (Edwards 91) and from the Edwards Student & Faculty Services Office (Edwards 185). 

    This is a good place to start for those COMM classes that require a little extra attention. Once you have found a tutor, financial assistance is available to cover some or all of the costs. Approved students will receive tutoring services, free of charge, for up to 25 hours per academic term (15 hours for visiting students).

  • Elder Services
    Many First Nation, Métis, and Inuit students prefer to seek the support of an Elder to assist in personal and professional development. This guidance may be a missing link in the transition to a new home and institution that can be vital in enhancing your student experience at the Edwards School of Business. The Rawlinson Centre is pleased to support you in these efforts; please contact us to inquire.
  • Math Bridging Program

    Did you know that you can complete Foundations of Math 30 on campus?

    The Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Board and the Edwards School of Business offer a Grade 12 math program on campus available to all students of Aboriginal ancestry. The class will be offered in the evenings in the Edwards building and funding will be provided through the generous support of the Rawlinson Centre Trust Fund.

    If you are interested in a program at the U of S that requires Foundations of Mathematics 30 or MATH B30/C30, the Rawlinson Centre can help you upgrade. Students in the Edwards Aboriginal Business Administration Certificate program can take Foundations of Mathematics 30 while they are working on their program.

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Student Ambassadors

    Aboriginal business students can help Edwards promote business education to Aboriginal youth. Developing professional networks and being role models or mentors are some of the ways Aboriginal Edwards students and alumni can support the Edwards School and their communities.

    Student Services Assistants

    Students can apply to become Student Assistants at the Rawlinson Centre to assist in the implementation of recruitment, retention and graduation strategies for Aboriginal students at the Edwards School of Business.

Math Placement

Aboriginal Business Administration Certificate (ABAC) students will be required to undergo mathematics placement evaluation in the spring after their first year of study.  Those students who need mathematics bridging will take that program in the spring/summer term after the first year of study. Students who do not require mathematics bridging may opt for a one semester placement with the Business Co-operative Education Program.  Alternately, they may opt to engage in their own work/leisure activities.  

Edwards has been providing Aboriginal students at the U of S with opportunities to overcome high school math deficiencies in their pre-requisites for many years. This program is a joint venture between the Saskatoon Catholic School Board and the Edwards School of Business. The mathematics bridging program will cover the material from Foundations of Mathematics 30 (Foundations 30) which is required to successfully complete university-level calculus for business and economics (MATH 121.3). This program is offered at no cost to students through the generous support of the Rawclo Resource Centre Trust Fund.

Contact Us

If you need information or assistance with the Aboriginal Business Administration Certificate, please contact:

Aboriginal Initiatives
Edwards School of Business
T: 306-966-4785