Academic Regulations

Students are expected to familiarize themselves with university regulations and procedures:

Students requiring any clarification or interpretation of the regulations should contact Christina Dolan, Director of Undergraduate & Certificate Programs.

All students who receive a Faculty Action are strongly encouraged to meet with an undergraduate programs advisor in the Student & Faculty Services Office regarding their situation and their options.

Faculty Actions

All students in the Bachelor of Commerce program are expected to maintain a yearly average1 of 60% or higher to remain in good standing.

Students who attempt a minimum of 18 credit units and earn a yearly average below 60% or fail 50% of their classes will be assigned a Faculty Action.

Students who attempt less than 18 credit units and earn a yearly average below 60% will receive a Partial Warning.

1 Edwards calculates the yearly average using all courses attempted from May to April on an annual basis.


Final exams are scheduled by the Registrar and the Exam Schedule is posted here.

Students who are unable to write a final exam due to illness or other extenuating circumstances should apply to their home college for a deferred exam within 3 business days of the missed exam.

Please consult the Edwards Exam Regulations document for details regarding deferred and supplemental exams.

Repeating Courses

As of June 1, 2018 The Edwards School of Business has changed the repeat rule to the following:

General rule is that the course with the highest grade is used.

  • A student is only allowed to repeat a course for which they received a grade of 59 or less.
  • A repeat permit is required for a student to repeat a course in which they have received a grade between 50 and 59. However, if credit has been revoked for the course resulting in an N-grade, a repeat permit is not required.
    • A student cannot repeat a course in an attempt to improve a passing grade more than once.
    • If a student received a grade between 50 and 59, then subsequently received transfer credit, the UofS course would still be included. They would have to retake the class at the UofS to obtain a higher grade.
    • If a student repeats a course for which they have received a grade of 60 or higher the repeat is not used (even if the grade is highest).

As of the 2014-15 academic year, students may receive credit for COMM 102 as an equivalent course to COMM 101. Students who have completed COMM 102 prior to 101 but performed better in 101 will receive credit for 101 toward the B. Comm. program.

Visiting Another Institution

It is expected that Edwards students will take the classes laid out in the Bachelor of Commerce curriculum. Prior approval for exception to these requirements and expectations must be received from the Edwards Undergraduate Studies Committee.

A student may alternatively receive approval to take up to 50% of the program at another university while registered in the Edwards School of Business.

Procedure for Requesting Permission to Take a Course at Another Institution
Prior to registering for a course at another institution, students must receive permission for the Edwards School of Business to take a course as a visiting student. Students must submit a written appeal to the Edwards Undergraduate Studies Committee asking for special permission. The appeal letter can be dropped off at the Edwards Student & Faculty Services Office - Room 185.

The written appeal should include:

  • The student’s name, student number (8 digits), and current mailing address
  • The name of the course and the institution that the student wants to take the course through
  • The course for which it is to be substituted for in the B.Comm. degree program
  • The time frame in which the student intends to complete the course(s)
  • The reason why the student wants to take the course(s) from another institution

The request will be evaluated by the Committee and a written response will be sent by mail to the address on file. Once the student has completed the class at the specified institution, they must ensure that an official transcript is sent to the Edwards School of Business for the transfer credit to take effect.

U of S Transfer Credit - list of previously granted transfer credit from select post-secondary institutions 
Note: This is not a comprehensive list of transfer credit. The Edwards School of Business will evaluate course outlines from external institutions that have not been previously evaluated if they are submitted with the visiting student request letter.

Dean's Honour Roll

Every year, the Dean of the Edwards School of Business honours those students who have an average of 75% or higher by sending them a letter of congratulations on their academic performance. Recognition for this accomplishment is also posted on the Dean’s Honour Roll plaque displayed within the PotashCorp Centre.

Academic Requirements - 1st, 2nd, 3rd year
Average of 75% or higher on at least 24 credits taken between September and April each academic year.

Academic Requirements - 4th year
Spring Graduates - 75% on at least 15 credits taken between September and April in their fourth year.
Fall Graduates - 75% on at least 24 credits between September and April in their fourth year.

Students in the Study Abroad program are considered if they take at least 24 credits between U of S and study abroad courses. The average is calculated on U of S courses only.

Students in the Edwards Co-operative Education program are considered if they take at least 24 credits between September and April each academic year (COMM 380.0 will be considered as 15 credits for this purpose). The average is calculated on Term 1 grades only.


Students are eligible to receive the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.) degree once they have passed all courses required for degree completion with a grade of 50% or higher and earned a cumulative, major and current year weighted average (May 1-April 30) of at least 60%. We do not round averages, contact an advisor if you want more information on how we calculate averages.

Students who finish their degree in December or April are Spring graduates and should apply to graduate on or before March 31. Those who finish in June or August are Fall graduates and need to apply on or before August 31.

Students will receive their B.Comm. degree with Distinction if they meet the minimum standards for graduation and earn a cumulative average of 75.00 - 79.99%.

Those who earn a cumulative average of 80.00% in addition to meeting minimum standards will receive their degree with Great Distinction.

For students in the B.Comm./JD combined degree program, the cumulative average requirement must be achieved in the 90 credit units taken in the Edwards School of Business and the grades earned in the second year of Law.