B.Comm. Majors

Students in the Bachelor of Commerce degree program request permission to enter a major in second year. You can choose one of six majors: Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing or Supply Chain Management (Previously Operations Management).

Five of the majors are restricted and access is based on cumulative average, of all classes taken at the U of S and applied to the B.Comm. degree, to the end of Term 1 in second year (or the year in which a student applies for a major). The only major available to all students is Management.

The first two years of the B.Comm. program are common for all students (except those pursuing the B.Comm./JD degree program). The majority of required courses introduce students to business principles. Students choose non-Commerce electives from other colleges in order to develop a general base of knowledge in various disciplines.

The last two years of the B.Comm. program are designed to provide a focused education in a particular field with electives that complement and supplement the major choice. Students also choose their free senior electives (300+ COMM and 200+ non-Commerce courses).

Visit the following pages to learn more about each major:

Accounting Finance Human Resources Management Marketing Supply Chain Management (Previously Operations Management)