Marketing Major Overview


Students who are thinking about majoring in marketing should consider the following questions:

  • What drives consumers to purchase a particular product?
  • How do companies decide who to sell their product to? 
  • How do pictures communicate with and persuade people? 
  • How do we effectively communicate and persuade others about complex and controversial topics?

These are some of the common questions marketers are concerned with. 

Marketing includes everything an organization does to acquire customers and maintain a relationship with them. The field of marketing includes advertising, sales, product and services design, brand management, and public relations.

As a Marketing major you will learn how to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan, understand and analyze consumer behaviour, and undertake market research projects. You will develop the ability to see an organization from a customer’s, or client’s, perspective.

Individuals who are successful marketers tend to be excellent communicators, possess good analytical and decision-making skills, and enjoy working with a variety of different people.

The marketing major requires has 24 credit units with 5 required major courses (15 credit units) and 3 elective major courses (9 credit units). Required courses are in COMM 340.3 Introduction to International Business, COMM 352.3 Marketing Strategy, COMM 354.3 Consumer Behaviour, COMM 357.3 Marketing Research, and COMM 473.3 Advanced Marketing Strategy. Your electives allow you to develop specialized knowledge in areas of your choosing around sales, retail and digital, pop culture, branding, personal selling and communications.

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Marketing Major Map

Featured Classes

COMM 354 - Consumer Behaviour 

Considers factors influencing consumer behaviour as a focal point of marketing decision making. Topics include market segmentation and positioning, and environmental and individual determinants of consumer behaviour and consumer decision processes. This material is analyzed for its usefulness in designing, evaluating and implementing marketing strategies.

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COMM 454 - Retail & Digital Marketing 

To familiarize students with the decisions involved in developing sustainable competitive advantage in retailing and the concepts and principles for making those decisions to promote higher sales and profits. Topics covered include but are not limited to the strategic importance of retailing in the distribution chain, the retailing environment, retail entrepreneurship, types of retailers, multi-channel and electronic retailing, retail strategy, customer relationship management, store location, design, layout and visual merchandising, buying merchandise, managing store operations and customer service.

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Careers in Marketing

Career Opportunities

A career in marketing can take you in many different directions, but the common theme is the sense of ownership you take over a product or service. Successful marketers possess the ability to understand customers' needs and translate those needs into an effective marketing strategy.

Students on their co-op placement and recent graduates have held positions like: 

  • Communications Coordinator
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Market Researcher 
  • Retailer

Professional Organizations 

Looking to gain mentorship and add to your educational experience? Connect with a professional organization in marketing like: