Rawlinson Centre for Indigenous Business Students

Welcome to the Rawlinson Centre

The Edwards School of Business strives to be a leader in providing dedicated support and services unique to Indigenous business students amongst business schools across Canada.

In March 2001, the Edwards School received an initial gift of $1,000,000 gift from Gordon Rawlinson, President of Rawlco Radio in order to establish the Rawlinson Centre for Indigenous Business Students (formerly Rawlco Resource Centre). The gift was established with the following objectives:

  • To recruit and retain Indigneous students through to graduation from the undergraduate business degree program
  • To enhance Indigenous business students' educational experience by providing access to needed equipment and resources
  • To encourage Indigenous students to remain in Saskatchewan upon completion of their business education

Student Support and Services

At the Rawlinson Centre, Indigenous students can find a place to study, attend cultural events, and access dedicated student scholarships, tutoring services, emergency financial assistance, and connect with the Indigenous Business Student's Society. The Centre is one of the only dedicated spaces for Indigenous business students in the country. Services include:

  • Scholarships & Awards

    In addition to general USask scholarships, bursaries, and awards, Edwards has a number of dedicated awards for self-declared Métis, First Nation, and Inuit students.

    There are three types of awards:

    • Rawlco B.Comm. Awards (valued at $1,000) recognize Indigenous students who successfully complete years 1,2 and 3 of the B.Comm. program and who register for full-time status in the following year. Also to provide financial assistance to Indigenous students who complete year 4 and receive their B.Comm. degree. The award is given out annually to students who are self-declared and have provided proof of Indigenous ancestry to the Edwards School of Business.
    • Rawlco ABAC Awards (valued at $2,000) recognize Indigenous students who successfully complete the Aboriginal Business Administration Certificate (ABAC) program in the Edwards School of Business.
    • Rawlco Award for SIIT Business Diploma Graduates (valued at $2,000) recognize Indigenous students who successfully complete the Business Diploma program from the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) and who are entering their third year of study in the Bachelor of Commerce degree program at the Edwards School of Business. To be eligible students must provide proof of Indigenous ancestry to the Edwards School of Business.
  • Professional Development Fund
    Edwards students can apply for co-curricular funding to subsidize costs related to activities that support academic success and the development of a professional network. Attending conferences, speaker nights, luncheons, and other engagements such as becoming a student member of a professional organization and/or board are all activities that are supported by the Rawlinson Professional Development Fund. 
  • Math Bridging Program

    If you are interested in a program at the University of Saskatchewan that requires Foundations of Mathematics 30 and/or Pre-Calculus 30 (Grade 12 MATH B 30 and/or MATH C 30), the Rawlinson Centre can help you upgrade while taking courses in the ABAC program.

  • Tutoring

    Assistance is available for individuals or small groups to receive extra help in classes or to prepare for an exam or assignment.

  • Emergency Assistance Fund
    A one-time emergency bursary of up to $1,000 is available to Indigenous students who are experiencing financial distress through the Rawlinson fund.
  • Bannock Chat
    Bi-weekly, complimentary soup and bannock is available in the Rawlinson Centre, Room 91, for students, faculty and staff to connect informally over lunch.

Connect with Us

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