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Frequently Asked Questions for Edwards School of Business Undergraduate Students

This page was developed to answer frequently asked questions regarding remote delivery and web-based courses in Edwards School of Business for the 2020 Fall Term. We continue to monitor the situation and will provide relevant information to students as needed. 

USask is following the advice of the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Saskatchewan Health Authority. For University Updates please visit:


Edwards Classes

  • What will my remote course look like?
    Faculty will be working over the summer to develop courses that can be delivered remotely. Some will continue to use the functionality of Blackboard, while others will be using Canvas, a new learning management system being introduced by the University of Saskatchewan. We anticipate using live-streaming online platforms, such as WebEx and Panopto. Instructors will post syllabi online and the expectations, reading and participation requirements will differ between individual instructors.
  • How will my course work be graded/evaluated?
    No in-person evaluation will take place during the 2020 Fall term. Assignments, test, oral advocacy, presentations and final examinations will be conducted online. Please note even though students are participating in remote learning this fall the college continues to hold to high standards of student academic conduct.
  • What warrants an allegation of academic misconduct?

    Academic Misconduct is the term the university uses to describe cheating. Types of cheating are listed in the Student Academic Misconduct Regulations. There is an onus on every student to become informed about academic misconduct.

    An instructor can report allegations of academic misconduct on any course work as well as examinations to the college, are treated very seriously and will be subject to due process. This process includes formal misconduct hearings for substantiated claims and subsequent determination of appropriate sanctions (including failure in the course in question). Students who find themselves facing allegations of academic misconduct can reach out to the USSU for advice regarding student rights and responsibilities through their Academic Advocacy Office.

    In a more general sense, materials that have been made available to you as part of an academic course are the intellectual property of the course instructor(s). Distribution of those materials via internet platforms without prior consent from the instructor(s) is a violation of copyright laws and is also subject to academic disciplinary measures. Before any final exam students are required to sign a statement of personal integrity.

  • How will Edwards ensure that remote or web-based classes provide the same value as in-person learning?
    The University of Saskatchewan is committed to online teaching for the fall term and is making available information and training opportunities for faculty and staff. While this is a learning exercise for everyone, the faculty members of the Edwards School of Business are committed to continue to provide its students with a high quality of business education that will equip you to be a business professional in the years to come.
  • Will students still be restricted by course timeslots? Or will they now be able to take courses offered during the same timeslot (i.e. Tuesday at 11AM) because of remote delivery?
    Because classes may include live lectures or other meetings scheduled specifically during the course timeslot, students will not be able to enrol in remote courses offered at the same time and day.
  • Will course selection be limited by the online format?
    With the exception of one or two courses, the course selection will be similar to previous years.
  • Will class sizes be increased due to the online format?
    While there may be some variance to class sizes compared to previous years, teaching responsibilities still need to be distributed appropriately and therefore you will not see large changes in the amount of seats per class.
  • Will there be opportunities to participate in class?
    Yes. The Edwards School of Business and faculty members will be committed to open communication and participation in remote courses. While the method of participation may differ depending on the instructor, we will be using online platforms appropriate to the participation expected and anticipated by the instructor.
  • Will I be able to meet with my professor in-person or virtually outside of class hours?
    All students will continue to have access to faculty through email or other learning platforms. Faculty will also continue to advise students of their office hours to arrange for virtual meetings.
  • Can I meet with fellow students or professors in-person?

    The Edwards School of Business encourages adhering to social distancing and safety protocols set out by the Government of Saskatchewan. If restrictions are eased before or during the 2020 Fall term, face-to-face meetings or social gatherings among students may be possible. In person meetings between professors and students will depend entirely on a mutual agreement between the professor and the student. Any meetings would have to take place off-campus as university buildings are currently closed.

    In-person meetings will not be required for any 2020 Fall term coursework.

Registration and Orientation

  • When do I register for classes?

    Registration dates can be found at:

    Please note that registration dates are based on year, and that yours might be different than your friends. If you have a concern with your date, please make an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

    When you log into PAWS, search for 'Registration' and click on the registration tab (if it is not already in your favourites, we encourage you to add it). On this registration page if you scroll down a little you can find a countdown clock that indicates your registration date/time.

    The seat release date was July 3, 2020 at 8:30 am.

  • Will I know prior to registration what my classes will look like and when the final exam will be scheduled?
    Course descriptions will be available on PAWS prior to registration. The exam schedule will be available after the term starts.
  • When do classes start?

    Classes will begin on Thursday, September 3.

    First-year Orientation will be virtual in Fall 2020 and is currently scheduled for September 2. Check the USask Orientation page and monitor your PAWS email for more details.

Scholarships and Emergency Funding

  • How do I apply for scholarships and will there be any changes to the deadline?
    The Edwards School of Business Scholarship Committee administers several scholarships and bursaries for both entering and continuing students. Awards have specific criteria based on academic achievement, financial need, student background, and leadership skills. The awards are divided into two groups with application deadlines being March 31st and September 30th annually. Scholarships open for the month of September and March and you can apply online. There is no expectation that these deadlines will change.
  • Where can I apply for emergency funding?

    Information about emergency financial assistance is available to students through the University of Saskatchewan. To inquire, contact Student Central.

    The Edwards School of Business also operates an emergency funding program through the Dean’s Circle and the Rawlinson Centre for Aboriginal Business Students. Students in need are encouraged to contact Edwards Student & Faculty Services Office at or 306-966-4785.

Textbooks, Internet, Childcare and Residence

  • How will I buy my textbooks?

    The Bookstore and Health Science locations are closed until further notice. The online store is open and you can purchase digital and physical books on the bookstore’s website or from your booklist in PAWS (once course materials have been confirmed by instructors).

    Books can be shipped to students or picked up at the Shop USask location. Beginning August 1, the bookstore will be charging a $5 flat rate for shipping course materials Canada-wide. Free pick up is also available at the Shop USask location at Preston Crossing for those students living in the city.

    The bookstore strongly encourages students to order books sooner than most years in order to mitigate the expected bottleneck of shipping and receiving in September.

    More information on textbook purchasing, assistive technology equipment, open educational resources and textbook affordability can be found here.

  • What do you recommend for a computer?
    Computer choice is up to personal preference, as no one brand is better than another. However, a laptop is better than a tablet because you will need to be able to run all the necessary software in addition to having access to a camera and microphone.
  • I don't have access to a computer and/or internet. What should I do?

    You will need access to a computer and internet at home to take advantage of the university's remote learning resources. You will most likely also need camera and microphone functionality to participate in online courses.

    If you don't have access to the internet in your home, a phone with data may be used as a personal hotspot. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many carriers are waiving data overages or offering reduced pricing for certain plans. Please check with your carrier for more information.

  • What if I can't attend online courses due to childcare or other responsibilities?
    We understand that this is a difficult time for many of our students, including those who have dependents in their care. Resources for parents and caregivers can be found at In extreme cases, deferrals may be considered (see below for more info).
  • Can I live in residence for the 2020 Fall term?
    Due to the primarily remote delivery of classes for the Fall 2020 semester, Residence will not proceed with our regular fall in-take of new students. For more information please visit:

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