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Common Setup Documentation


Did you know that you do NOT need to purchase Antivirus software for your home computer / laptop?  That demo Antivirus that keeps popping up on your computer to remind you to pay an annual fee (Norton Antivirus for example) is not something that you need to do!

Microsoft Security Essentials

The recommended anti-virus software is Microsoft Security Essentials.   This antivirus program is provided by Microsoft at no charge from http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows/products/security-essentials.  This is only available for Windows computers.

If you are running Windows 10, Microsoft Security Essentials is already installed!  (It is called Windows Defender)

Malware Scanner

One thing that many people assume when they have an antivirus program is that they are perfectly protected.   This is not true.   Some programs will get through and infect your computer.  These will usually start to pop up ads as you are using your computer.

To remove these intrusive programs, you will need a (free) program like Malwarebytes.  They have a free version and a purchase version.  The free version is MORE than enough for a home user.

The best way to remove this popup "malware" on a PC is to (These instructions are for Windows 7 and below):

  • Enter Safe Mode (You may have to google how to do this, or come by our office!)
  • Your computer will boot up into a version of your windows where only the BARE necessities are available.  
  • Run the MalwareBytes.  If it asks to update, say yes.
  • It will scan your PC for bad files.  When it is done, select the things that it has found and click remove.
  • Reboot your computer
  • Log into your computer normally and run it one more time.  It may find some more malware.  just select them and click remove.

WIFI Setup

The University of Saskatchewan provides free secure WiFi for your laptops and smart devices.  Because of the secure configuration of the wireless network, you may need to make a small amount of changes to your laptops setup (It is very easy!)

You may see a few wireless networks.  The one you will want to be connected to is "uofs-secure".  The "uofs-guest" network is mainly for visitors and is MUCH slower.

If you have any trouble with the instructions below, please visit the Edwards IT desk in Room 143 and we would be more than happy to get your devices up and running!

Click on the following links to find instructions for setting up your device!

Campus Email Setup

The University of Saskatchewan provides you with a free email account.  Your email account will be NSID@campus.usask.ca (for example abc123@campus.usask.ca)

If you want to set up an alternative address (for instance firstname.lastname@usask.ca), you will need to set up an alias.  If you need help with this, please come by our office!

Click on the following links to find instructions for setting up your email to work with your device!

NOTE - Returning students will need to re-setup their email clients on their phones and personal computer.

Connecting to Printers

At the Edwards School of Business, you have the ability to connect your personal laptop to our printers through the Wireless Network.  Once you have set your printer up, it will allow you to print to any printer that you can access in the building.

You will still need to have a positive print account balance (You can check that here) to print to the Edwards printers.

You will see a large list of all the printers on the network.  Be careful that you only add printers that you have physical access too.  For instance, Room142 is located in the lab.  Room171 is located in the secretary office behind a locked door.

  • Printing with a PC
    • Open My Computer (or File Explorer Window in Windows 10)
    • In the top bar, type \\edwprint.usask.ca
    • It will ask you for a username and password.
    • Type usask\Your NSID  (For instance usask\abc123 if your NSID was abc123)
    • Type your Password
    • Check "Remember my Credentials"Click OK.
    • You should see a list of printers.  
    • Now you need to install a printer.
    • Find the printer you would like to install.  
    • Right click on it and select "Connect".
    • It will say connecting and after a few minutes, it will you will be able to print to it.  
    • At this point, you can install other printers or close the Windows Explorer window (the one with the list of printers)
  • Printing with a Mac (OSX)

    You will only have to do this first part once.  After you have done it, then you can skip over the following section.

    • Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu (the Apple logo in the top right corner)
    • Choose "Print & Fax" or "Print & Scan
    • Press the + button to add a printer
    • Press the Control Key while clicking the "Default" icon on the toolbar.  You will see a menu pop up.  
    • Click Customize Toolbar.
    • Drag the Advanced Icon onto the "Add" window.
    • Click Done

    Steps to follow if you have already done the steps above

    • Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu (the Apple logo in the top right corner)
    • Choose "Print & Fax" or "Print & Scan
    • Click the Advanced Icon
    • Change the Type to "Windows printer via spoolss"
    • Change the URL field to smb://edwprint.usask.ca/<printer name>.  For instance.  smb://edwprint.usask.ca/room142
    • Change the Name to the name of the printer for easy identification (For Instance Room142)
    • Change the Use dropdown to Generic Postscript Printer
    • Click Add
    • Click OK
    • It may ask you for your NSID and password.   Remember to enter your NSID as usask\NSID  (For instance usask\abc123 if your NSID was abc123)

Installing Microsoft Office (for free!)

The University of Saskatchewan provides all current students a copy of Microsoft Office 365 for free!

If you have MS Office on your computer now, you will need to uninstall before installing the UofS version.  Also, if you have a new computer with a "demo" or 30 day Trial of MS Office, you will need to uninstall it before installing the University's Office.

The Microsoft Student Advantage program allows students in all colleges at the U of S to download and install the latest Microsoft Office software on up to five computers at no cost. This includes full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

How do you install it?  Easy!

  1. Log in to PAWS with your NSID and password.
  2. Click on the top search bar.  Type "Microsoft Student Advantage"
  3. Click on the Microsoft Student Advantage channel in the results.
  4. Click the button Install Office 365 button.
  5. Log in as per the instructions on PAWS.
  6. Follow the steps for downloading and installing the software. It will ask you for your "email address" but it wants NSID@usask.ca (not NSID@campus.usask.ca)

Continue following the next three steps only if you are installing Microsoft Office on a Macintosh

  1. Once you have downloaded and opened the Microsoft Office app you will be presented with a window offering three options:
    • Enter product code
    • Sign into a 365 subscription
    • Continue trial
  2. Choose the second option: Sign into a 365 subscription.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your username: nsid@usask.ca and password: NSID password. (note that it is nsid@usask.ca NOT nsid@campus.usask.ca)