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Edwards Printing

The following table lists the printers available in the Edwards School of Business for student use:

LabLocationPrinter Queue Name
Express Outside Room 241 Express
Lab 42 Room 42 Room42
Lab 42 Room 42 Room42B
Lab 44 Room 44 Room44
Lab 44 Room 44 Room44color
Lab 142 Room 142 Room142
Lab142 Room 142 Room142color

Printing costs $0.10 per page for black and white, and $0.25 per page for colour printing. Additional pages can be purchased at the Printing Kiosk in Room 143 Commerce.

The computers in each lab are configured to print by default to the printer located in that lab. Printing pages in Edwards can only be used in the Edwards computer labs. Printing is not transferable to other labs in other Colleges. If you need to print in other Colleges, you will have to purchase printing specifically for that College.

On every desktop in the Edwards computer labs, there is a tool called 'Print Client tool' (its icon is a stack of coins) which indicates your current printing balance. You can also check this on-line by clicking on the PAS tools. Your print balance in PAWS is not the Edwards School print balance. This is for the greater University's print system and is not part of our system.

Purchasing Printing Online

If you're not credited immediately at https://www.edwards.usask.ca/tools/pasedw/, an error has occured. Please contact support@edwards.usask.ca if you experience any issues.

Your purchasing email must be either NSID@mail.usask.ca OR NSID@campus.usask.ca to be credited automatically (ex. abc123@mail.usask.ca).